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There was a young lady of Niger, a
Who smiled as she rode on a tiger, a
They returned from the ride, b
With the lady inside, b
And the smile on the face of the tiger! a



Limeryk to krótki wiersz o żartobliwie groteskowej treści. Zbudowany jest z pięciu wersów o charakterystycznych rymach. Za ojca i popularyzatora limeryków uznaje się angielskiego poetę Edwarda Lear´a, ale „Sobieszczacy” też świetnie dają sobie radę z tą formą poezji. Zapoznaj się z najlepszymi wierszami i spróbuj sam napisać limeryk.

A young schizophrenic named Brother,
who learnt of the death of his sister, Huther,
said: ‘I know that it´s bad,
but I don´t feel too sad!
After all, even now we still have each other.’

Katarzyna Sumik – Grupa 1A0 2009 / 2010

There lived a hunter in Central Africa,
Once he moved to South America,
To hunt moles,
And look for moles´ holes,
But it turned out there were no moles in America.

Klaudia Dąbek – Grupa 1C2 2008 / 2009

There was a man from Havana,
Whose hobby was eating bananas,
One day he ate
A big banana cake,
And that way he found nirvana.

Monika Malik – Grupa 1A10 2008 / 2009

There was a strange, little ladybird,
Who in fact was an odd red bird,
But she couldn´t sing,
So everybody did think,
That she was a wierd ladybird.

Anna Mędrzycka – Grupa 1S2 2007 / 2008

There was a young lady with a big head,
Who was as thin as a slice of bread,
She hated disco,
So she moved to San Francisco,
As she was in love with Frank Ted.

Dominika Grzesik – Grupa 1S2 2007 / 2008

There was a young girl called Meg,
Who slipped and broke her left leg,
It happened on the floor,
Just next to the door,
Take no pity on her and say: ‘Poor Meg!’

Magda Pomadowska – Grupa 1C8 2006 / 2007

There were four socks in a very big box,
Who liked to be worn by dogs,
Not by cats,
Not by rats,
But now they´re happy to be worn by a fox.

Magda Rydiger, Ola Szybińska – Grupa 1C9 2006 / 2007

There was a monkey in a tropical jungle,
Who simply wanted to be a triangle,
It tried everything,
But didn´t gain anything,
So it was still just a monkey in a jungle.

Katarzyna Marcinek – Grupa 1R4 2005 / 2006

There was an old man named Pork,
Who travelled from London to York,
He smuggled honey,
To earn some money,
And to earn even more he started to walk.

Mateusz Kocon – Grupa 1P8 2005 / 2006

There was an old lady of China,
Who wanted to sell her china,
But as it was late,
She couldn´t wait,
And she decided to leave her china.

Mateusz Kocon – Grupa 1P8 2005 / 2006

There was a painter named Gougain,
Who had always dreamt about fame,
He went to the priest,
Asking what he had missed,
Replied him: ‘missing a frame.’

Joanna Korus – Grupa 1L0 2005 / 2006

There was a little girl named Sue,
What she was saying was always true,
She heard something one day,
But said it in a different way,
And everybody thought it was true.

Anna Mierzwa – Grupa 1L0 2005 / 2006

There was a young man in Cardiff,
Who once fell over the cliff,
When he returned home,
He said, ‘It wasn´t fun at all’
Which amused the people of Cardiff.

Agnieszka Piela – Grupa 1A0 2003 / 2004

There was a dog called John,
Which found a white, big bone,
The dog hid it in the park,
Near the church of St Mark,
Quickly pissed a tree and was gone.

Olga Drath – Grupa 1A0 2003 / 2004

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